Friday, August 22, 2008


yesterday guitar lessons in the morning and afternoon

last night I played an improvised concert with santiago vazquez at espacio eclectico.

we had so much fun...and the venue became one of my favorite venues in buenos aires. such a nice place, with good sound, cozy and clean dressing room, delicious food and kind staff, located in san telmo. santiago and I had lots of gear. santi with his handsonic, a looping device, berinbao, talking drum and lots of percussive toys!
I run my jaguar through a roland gr20>whammy>boss loop station>boss giga delay>rat>mxr distortion>fuzz factory>pulstar tremolo> another boss giga delay > line 6 delay modeller> korg kaoss pad into a fender blues deluxe

lots of pedals, lots of fun

today after driving my daughter to kinder garden I recorded with la national film chamber orchestra at estudio 5 of canal 7 TV: 2 movies by duvuvier. "au bonheur des dames" was most enjoyable. we also played maman colibri.

a sunny day in buenos aires, time to go to the park with my daughter.

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