Monday, August 25, 2008

busy saturday:

in the afternoon I played a solo improvised show at direccion general de museos, in the basement auditorium, very cozy place, very nice and warm sound. I enjoyed playing. unfortunately I could not check out the other performances since i had to leave to la plata inmediately

drive to la plata

in the evening i played with francisco bochaton at el teatro, in la plata. the biginning was terrible and this marked the whole performance, which could never recover: since the band that played before us extended their show (good show) a bit too long and began a little too late, and since our manager was under great pressure cause we had to en strictly on time, the change of sets was done in great rush...and the keyboards fell down on the stage...and broke! but we had to begin on we began but in a strange mood, not able to respect the set list, the keyboard player no able to play his instrument (matias ended up playing on his microkorg and guitars...) and on top of this drinks asked by francisco and by the drummer never got to the stage... I only got a glass of warm pepsi ( ice available...

when relaxing in the dressing rooms area after the show (our proper dressing room had been emptied already...) we were asked to leave since alfredo casero and his band needed the space...ok...bye...I didn't feel at home in this venue.....

back home before 3:00am

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