Thursday, September 04, 2008


moni and I went to see laurie anderson at teatro gran rex last week. excellent show, so fine, such a treat! a remarkable band... lou reed played and sang as guest.

memories of playing with charly at gran rex on his 55th birthday show, and of visiting the theater together with charly and pedro to meet fact I was wearing my same velvet jacket ... and my "say no more" bracelet was in my pocket. I hope to be able to see charly again soon, I hope he is in good recovery

last friday matias and I played the music for metropolis... the very complete version, with fragments I´ve never seen before, and a long last section (a 45 minutes finale!!!)

on the weekend I composed and recorded the music for nadina´s short film. all with "reason" playing my electric through my gr1 into the reason sounds...orchestral!

on saturday I visited samalea and he suggested changes in the pieces´ order of my new live cd

monday: recordings for maxi´s new album at concreto, produced by alejandro teran...wonderful jaguar had a buzz on the fifth strings so I had a hard time...I hope to have a new chence next week...I loved the songs!

more recordings with la national film chamber orchestra this week. "the last man", by murnau, is superb. but the added end was difficult to felt so "off" from the movie...

today I´m at rolling stone magazine with my favorite 10 guitar songs:

television / venus
the pretenders / kid
bowie / fashion
king crimson / elephant talk
pescado rabioso / cementerio club
u2 / bad
the police / walking on the moon
charly garcia / cerca de la revolucion
led zeppelin / black dog
the beatles / taxman

the are aso many more I can think of...10 is not enough!!!!!!!

tonight I travel to mendoza to play with francisco bochaton

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