Friday, September 26, 2008

bochaton in plasma

last friday I played with francisco bochaton at plasma, a venue I usually enjoy playing at. but this time things became difficult. things went out of hands...the dressing room was shared with the opening band (good band!), so we had no private space before the show...the manager left the venue during our performance, without the band knowing he would, leaving things on the stage manager's hands. the stage manager had too many things on his hands. francisco broke a string and the sm couldn't replace it because he had no place to do this, and he didn't have the necessary tools (and strings!) to do francisco played with an acoustic guitar completely out of tune... I had no place to stand since my space was the stage manager's path to francisco... an unbearable fan and his girlfriend stood next to me during the whole show disturbing me to the max. they attempted to steal my list of pieces (with important notes on it) and attempted to get me involved in a discussion during the show ... and my glass slide disapeared from the top of my amp. on top of this, they invaded the dressing room after the show, leaving me with no place to go. the venue's bar attendant was very kind and offered me something to drink. I had a diet coke. on top of my slide, matias' microkorg's transformer got lost. despite all this matias and quique said it was a good show. for me something got lost. an oportunity to play well and rock.

the federico garcia lorca's piece is stunning.

this week I visited maria eva albistur, we will play in uruguay next month. her songs are really good, and so will be her new record. good news: the hard case of my telecaster appeared in maria eva's house. it remained there since the days (...nights actually) of recordings with charly...I looked I found it...I'm very happy about this

feco visited last monday, great to have him at home. we will play together tonight

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mario daniel said...

the federico garcia lorca's piece is stunning.

a pesar de ese molesto fanático y de esos problemas que contaste, fue un muy buen show!!!

siempre es un gusto verte tocar junto con ese loco del Bocha!!!

y pude ver tus pedales de cerca pufff!!!

ps:felicitaciones por el Condor