Friday, September 12, 2008

francisco bochaton, santa fe

rip hector zazou

the van picked me up at 6:00 am this morning, a good drive by mr vikingo, the highway in good shape. we listened to "abbey road" on the road

good spirits in the band

the bass player slept on the van

nice hotel downtown santa fe: the old and traditional hotel castelar. memories of my contemporary music studies in this town with professor mariano etkin, my friend natalia, my visits to rincon, the shows with los gauchos alemanes ("hot fat fish" era...actually this is the city where this name came out, also the recording of roger eno's "the frost" is from here...)

listened to maxi trusso's songs in the afternoon, in order to get familiar and ready for our upcoming recording session next monday. this recordings feature the banda de turistas and are being produced masterfully by alejandro teran

difficult soundcheck. the specialty of the local soundman is not exactly the kind of music we play. there was no understanding of our needs, nor much will to be on our side...difficult ... hard ... I could feel he hated when I stepped on my rat or fuzz factory...but hey...this is what we do...I wished we had our own soundman...probably so did he...

the venue

we played with francisco bochaton at universidad nacional del litoral. an open air show, good attendance, the show picked up after about 30 minutes...I'm happy I brought my big muff...the bridge of my jaguar needed constant adjustment...buzzing...too many extreme temperatute changes. "el gusano" was hot. my solo on perfume parpadear was difficult...

dinner at the university and back to hotel

I'm surprised to see how many people regularly watch "la national film chamber orchestra" on filmoteca, canal 7tv

rip mr salvador samaritano. sent my condolences to his family

this tour goes on: we play in rosario tomorrow

new dates with flopa in the calendar

a date with la congreso wolrd templation in the calendar!

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