Sunday, December 21, 2008

busy weekend

charly's interview at newsweek is very good, from the heart. it was moving reading it.

on thursday, friday and saturday I played witha la national film chamber orchestra at malba, almost 8 hours sessions on thursday and friday, almost 4 hs on saturday

a comment by matias mango after one of the movies: "this movie plays by itself"...this is exactly how it feels for me when things are right with the silent films, and we had wonderful moments this week, particularly on friday and saturday. the last show was difficult. we were exhausted.

yesterday I also played with francisco bochaton at festival buen dia, an open air festival at the park next to the planetario. very good attendance, hot day, hot audience. pogo included. entre rios played before us, with their brand new lineup. no lo soporto played before but I missed them.

very tired

today I took a needed day off. listened to cat power and cornelius in the morning. such a treat. in my car peter gabriel and bob dylan. reading "el tano y yo", malvicino's book on his life with piazzola. wonderful!

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