Monday, December 29, 2008


on friday, saturday and sunday 8 performances by la national film chamber orchestra at malba.

15 minutes before the first show on friday the ac adapter for my gr20 guitar synth died. this meant I played the first 2 shows with no synth, only a clean guitar sound. and somehow it ended up being an advantage, particularly for the buster keaton movies...

my replacement adapter arrived in time for the last 2 shows. a lesson: always carry a spare transformer of each! to every show!

I had several technical problems in the last week: recording with charly, my tremolo pedal broke (a regular click sound!), also one of the buttons of the line 6 delay stopped's been a long year!!!!!

yesterday we played 2 movies, the last one "maman colibri", being the last performance of the year. a high note, to my ears a very good performance.

stools shopping at carrefour and back home for asado with the amianos, flopa and diego. wonderful!

rehearsal with charly today

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G4þRI€L said...

esos problemas con el Guitar Craft acustico no existen.
¿van a musicalizar las partes nuevas de Metropolis?