Wednesday, December 31, 2008

a busy year

on 2008 music kept me very busy,

I'm very grateful for this, playing with musicians I feel honored to play with

I played 67 shows with la national film chamber orchestra (most of them with matias mango) at malba, countless appearances at canal 7tv and 1 show at costanera sur with a luxurious lineup: samalea on drums; fito paez, mono fontana and matias mango on keyboards and myself on gtr

2 shows with maria eva albistur, one of them in montevideo,

22 shows and studio recordings with francisco bochaton,

2 shows with charly garcia in mar del plata and several very fine recording sessions at los pajaros, palito's studio near lujan, where charly is recovering

5 shows with flopa, with whom I wished there'd be many more!

4 performances with the guitar circle of europe around barcelona

12 shows with friends, including narrow bridges, mono fontana, ale franov, santiago vazquez, el diablo en la boca, lothus, mussa phelps, futura bold

over 100 live performances this year...

I was awarded with the condor de plata by the argentinean asociation of film critics for the music I recorded with fernando samalea and matias mango for a film by teresa costantini

recorded with fernando samalea, flopa, juan ravioli, julian massaldi. maria eva albistur, ale oliva, gabriel spiller, santiago vazquez, marcos rocca, maxi trusso, andra borlo, the circle of guitars of europe...mixed the live at nd ateneo cd...

all great projects that I feel happy and proud to be part of

the guitar academy on junin street is on its way and completed the year with a very warm live performance

so, music kept me very busy and there's no way I can complain!

a blessing

happy new year,

peace and love

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G4þRI€L said...

Muchacho, usted sabe que mis mejores deseos estan con uds, asi que para este año lo mismo: muchas felicidades y que sigan las buenas cosas para vos y tu familia.
Un abrazo