Thursday, February 16, 2006

Charly Garcia. Second show, El Ojo de las Artes, Pinamar

Monday, Feb 13

mon 9:10hs- bus to Pinamar. Arrived at the hotel at 14:00hs. Dropped luggage in the room. Lunch and quick visit to the beach. Siesta. Practice. Reviewed my songs list. Preparation for the show. Charly sleeping.

mon 23:00hs - the organizers decided to move the show to Tuesday. Ch needs to rest. OK: one more day in Pinamar. Called Moni to explain the situation. Dinner with Monitor and Astor at hotel lobby.

tues 1:30 - lobby phone rings: I grabbed my gtr and went up for playing and recording in Charly´s room. Coffee kept me up.

tues 6:30 - I´m tired. I go to bed. Not much sleep, though: Charly continues recording vocals in the room (next door to mine).

tues 8:30 - I woke up with baby´s smile in my head. beautiful. walk to Plusmar office to change my bus tkt for tomorrow

unfruitful search for a suit

practice. learned the lines that charly wrote for me last night. amazing riffs. some with tricky fingerings in the NST. practiced them in different octaves. tried to sleep some more: I decided to knock at Ch´s door guitar in hand. rehearsal: new songs, new ideas. more songs in my list. preparation for the show.

tues 23:00- time of uncertainty and tension

wed 1:00- showtime I. better than last week, at least to my ears: my guitar sounded much better in my headphones. charly was so inspired, once more. this theater is a wonderful venue to play at. a small theater, with tables. the staff is very kind. I played with my Washburn Red Rocker again in order to make as little changes as possible in my set, but I was tempted to use my Telecaster. Good choice: the 12 strings acoustic and the bass presets in the VG88 were very useful and sounded great. hot moments in the show. a cover tune that charly played at Badia´s request was sublime. burning end.

dropped gear and gtrs in hotel. lay down for a few minutes and changed clothes.

wed 5:00- showtime II at Iguana. I went back to the hotel to get my gear again. since I use the New Standard Tuning I´m useless with a borrowed guitar. I used my Telecaster through a Proco Rat. Distortion most the time. Charly had a Fernandes strat and played through a Korg pedalboard. We played until about 7:00, Ch´s songs (many from the new CD) and cover tunes. Ch played burning gtr solos.

at 7:30 I said goodbye and walked back to hotel.

Slept less than 2 hs.

Bus back to Buenos Aires at 10:40hs. Listened to Neil Young´s Prairie Wind and The Smiths (Johnny Marr´s guitars are stunning) on my Ipod.

Back in Buenos Aires the Taxi I took from the station broke down and I had to push it. Tough. Very hot in Buenos Aires.

Happy to be back home.

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