Friday, February 10, 2006

Charly Garcia. Teatro El Ojo de las Artes, Pinamar

First entry...from February 6, 2006:

Listened to Before the Flood by Dylan and The Band on the bus. Special focus on Robbie Robertson´s guitar comments and Levon Helm´s drums. Arrived in Pinamar at 14:00hs on a Plusmar bus. Straight to the hotel. The maid led me to room #31 and showed me Charly´s room, right across the corridor. Impossible to sleep.

Rehearsal in Ch´s room. Many songs, some I learned on the spot; some I knew; some I refreshed in the rehearsal. I had my own set list with about 40 songs, few of them covers. Later Badia and DJ Pont Lezica came in the room to set the order of the show and details and tune with Ch´s ideas.

The audience was asked to bring a portable radio and headphones to the show: there would be no speakers at all in the theatre. The concert was to be broadcasted live. No monitors on the stage either. An Orson Wells feel...people in town was listening to the broadcast in their cars, homes, on the streets, at the beach; so was the audience in the venue and so were we on the stage! Bizarre experience. Unique.

I used my Washburn through Roland VG88, a Rat, a Boss compressor and a Roland DD20 delay. I gave Charly my Big Muff. I should have had a spare guitar. I didn´t bring it...thought it was "too much"...My 4th string broke...and then my 5th. Ouch!

Never play a gig without a torch...ever...

The audience was very enthusiastic. A good feeling. Ch was inmensely happy.

Charly´s show at Gesell Rock seems to have been quite chaotic and this one felt like a redemption. A recovery.

After the show Clerico at a restaurant by the sea. Back to the hotel at 7:00hs. Slept a couple of hours and back to Pinamar on a Plusmar bus. Slept and listened to Neil Young´s Prairie Wind on the bus.

Back home in Buenos Aires at 17:00hs.

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Lucas said...

Hi man how are you,listen take a real good care with Gabriel Liverani the guy who book bandas there because he is not honest,i booked some gigs with him to perform with an international artist,EUGENE GREY FROM jAMAICA and he never payed us,and i know some other bands that he messed with.If you can take it back do it because someway or another you ll be screwed,i garante