Sunday, February 12, 2006

La National Film Chamber Orchestra at Malba

We played 2 shows at Malba today. One Buster Keaton movie and The Docks of New York. First time we played both movies. Good attendance on both shows. As usual, some families with little kids for Keaton. The lineup: Mono Fontana and Matias Mango on keyboards, Maxi Demo and myself on gtrs. Sama couldn´t make it. He played last night with Rosal in Mar del Plata and stayed there.

A team from BBC News came to cover the shows. We still don´t know when it will broadcast.

After one of the shows someone mentioned that Spinetta was playing at Rosedal for free. A massive show. I thought of the huge difference in nature between that and our work at Malba.


felipe said...

hi Kabu. saw the Buster Keaton show and was surprised by how much in sync the music was with what wa happening on the screen. Besides, the sound was excellent! Enjoyed it very much. Only sorry they couldn't show both for $7, instead of $7 each.

kabu said...

on march 23 we will be playing 2 john ford movies for $7, also at malba... una ganga!