Sunday, February 19, 2006

La NFCO, Malba

Same lineup and same movies as last week: Mono, Matias, Maxi and myself playing Steamboat Bill Jr and The Docks of New York at Malba. Samalea couldn´t make it today.

It was luxurious to have Maria Rosa Yorio in the audience for the second show. I believe her presence helped us enormously.

I had a couple of technical problems today: the presets of the VG 88 changed randomly! I solved this by turning the wheel several times back and forth. perhaps a dirty pot? also, the power adaptor of the Line 6 DD4 kept unplugging from the power strip.

Besides all this, the sound was very good.

Last night we saw Mercedes Sosa with Charly as guest, on TV. Amazing how the energy of the show changed when Ch went on stage. And he looked very happy and comfortable.


grant_@_wuba said...

mira que copado el blog de kabusaki, y en ingles encima. te mando saludos desde


kabu said...

gracias por visitar, grant!